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Technatron Listing Server
The Technatron Listing Server gives Real Estate Professionals a method of publishing their listings on the internet in a timely fashion.

The database is updated instantly, so when you add, remove or modify a listing, it happens right there, right then, not in a few hours, or a few days, or even weeks, like many other services.

Our Listing Server is designed to output listings in a customizable format, Using existing templates, or templates designed by you. Or we can design you a custom template for a nonimal fee. You listings can be easily intregrated into existing websites using frames, PHP includes, or CGI. ( scripting examples provided ), We can even provide you with code to link to our listing entry system, so listings can be entered from a password protected page on your website.

When you don't have a listing that a client is looking for, they can search our entire database of listings. When they find one that suits them, and click the "Request More Information" button, you are Emailed the Listing, Office, and Agent Info ( the client never sees this information ) so you can earn commission on the sale.

As a Technatron Listing Server Client, you also get access to our data gathering scripts, for relocation package requests, Buyer Prequalification forms, Surveys, and other methods to ask the buyer for contact information.

Cost for this service is $9.95 per month. There is no set-up fee to activate the account, however, we do have a minimal charge if you would like us to make the necessary changes to your website.
Are you the Broker, and would like your separate accounts for all your agents? E-Mail Us for our brokers discount.

Call us today at (352) 795-0056 or complete our Sign Up Now!

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